Massage the immune system

In Exercise by Katie Evans

Vitamins, minerals, supplements, daylight, greens, fruit, exercise – the list of ways to boost your immune system is a long one. I can help with your supplements with the best certified organic products, please see the link to my business website

You can now add massage to that list!

New evidence shows that massage can improve immune system response.

In a study involving patients with HIV – who can have a compromised immune system due to their virus. It was shown that regular massage helped to improve specialist lymphocyte T cell count in their blood.

Lymphocyte T cells are a type of white blood cell which is essential to the immune system  – T cells help in the fight against a virus or infection.

How Does Massage Improve Immune Response?

When you receive a massage or any form of soft tissue therapy – the nerves of the skin which connect to glands where T Cells are stored are stimulated. These glands are then responsible for releasing lymphocytes in to the bloodstream.

When your body is under attack from a virus or foreign cell – T Cells can surround the new cell, gather information and essentially stimulate the healing response.

What effect does this have on a healthy immune system though?

In a recent BBC documentary – blood tests on healthy individuals were shown to replicate exactly the same response. When receiving massage you bloodstream will typically be flooded with this immune response.

There could be a predicted 20% increase in the amount of T Cells which are produced.

This means you could improve your immunity by 20% – that’s a hell of a jump and in these current times, a welcome one!

How Regularly Should You Get a Massage?

This is a common question and one that has a different answer each time.

I have a range of clients that have a range of needs and different lifestyles.

As an example – my more active clients who exercise a lot tend to come for massages on a regular basis as a way of regulating their body’s, keeping imbalances at a low level and managing their aches and pains from their intense workout schedules.

On the other hand I may have someone who is less active but does a lot of work from their desk or home – they come in on a monthly basis to help improve their wellbeing, reduce stiffness and promote movement in to areas that can often suffer from their lifestyle.

So the answer to the question is totally unique to yourself and your lifestyle and also how you respond to massage.

As with anything in life, the more consistent you remain with let’s say with a good diet and exercise – you are going to get consistent results in how your body looks and feels.

It’s the same with therapy and self-care – invest in a regular regime of looking after your soft tissues just like visiting the dentist on a regular basis for your teeth!

Massage can be a tool for regular wellbeing or it can be an addition to your recovery or even in assisting rehab of an injury by promoting improved range of motion and decreased pain.