Soft Tissue Therapy & Rehabilitation

The consultation and information gathering is extremely important in establishing any previous injuries, emotional stressors and lifestyle habits. I very much believe in a whole person approach.

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Refer a friend who is in pain or wants a massage and after their session, you'll receive £10 off your next session.

Soft Tissue Therapy

Discovery Session
30 mins


The purpose of the discovery session is to identify any imbalances or weaknesses that can potentially lead to injury and chronic pain.

Initial Consultation
60 mins


The initial consultation is a full discussion and assessment with a devised plan of care to move forward with. If there is any remaining time, treatment will commence.

Single Session
45 mins


Individually booked sessions for either rehabilitation or general soft tissue therapy.

More about the Discovery Session

A discovery visit is for anyone that is still on the fence about seeking help and knowing if we can truly help you with your pain. In this 30 minute non-committal session I will listen to your story, take a look at your movements and positions that cause you pain and give you some important advice and information about what is going wrong.
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Soft Tissue Therapy

Assessment, treatment and rehab of chronic pain

Initial consulation/discovery session

1 hr - £50

More about the Discovery Session

Initial consultation/discovery session

I will gather information of your previous injury history and listen to your story. I will watch you move and conduct co-ordination tests and check ROM of joints to establish what is not doing a good job that is a possible cause of your chronic pain.
Normally the cause is not where the pain is.

A plan will be discussed with you and any time left I will start the treatment

Rehabilitation sessions

Rehabilitation sessions following on from the consulatation require a two way agreement where you are asked to be motivated to perform movements at home as advised. Each session will progress to reach the next level and even though you may be pain free, it is essential to continue with the plan until your movement is thoughtless and fearless and your end goal is reached whether it being for everyday function or sport/hobby related. Each phase needs to be completed in order to move forward. You will have a full explanation of your progress each session and each phase retested to ensure the issue has been addressed.

45 minutes session £45

30 minutes session £35.

Katie performing a soft tissue therapy massage
  • Vouchers available
  • Payments either by cash or BACS

    Cancellation policy: *Same day cancellations up to 12 hours before an appointment will be charged at 50% of the appointment fee.

    * No shows or cancellations within 3 hours will be charged in full for the missed appointment.
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